Posted on March 8, 2010


And also looking for a picture of kids marching for a post I never wrote, I came across a blog HELEN_IN_AFRIC, My African Adventure, and the post “New Day at the Orphanage”.

Helen like many young voluntourists works or worked in the orphanage sector, a growth sector for young well meaning adults experiencing the world. They come under the auspices of NGOs and or general volunteer agencies for a limited time. They are usually inexperienced, unqualified unworldly and …they usually do jobs that could very well be done by Ghanaians-like work in orphanages. What’s more they are idealistic and their value systems soon come in conflict with host in positions of responsibility. Here’s a perfect example-a real story of real people in a real place…


And then there’s the other approach to the problem of too many children being born-THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY-international adoption. Recently we had a guest-we’ll call her A who had been in the country 7 months trying to adopt twins D and C. She was on her way to Tamale to get a valid death certificate for the mother. The one she had was rejected by authorities as a forgery. A informed us that Canada has among the most stringent child trafficking laws in the world. She also said that last year there had been approximately 3,000 Ghanaian children placed internationally.

two dear little souls on a long journey


Note: ‘A’ left very early in the morning with her two bundles of joy in a car hire and returned that very night-a round trip journey of approximately 700 kms! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! But we haven’t heard from her since….hope to give you an update sometime….