Posted on March 26, 2010


As I drove Debbie and Maureen to catch the S.T.C. bus to Accra on a Sunday morning, Maureen asked me to stop so she could take a picture of a billboard that intrigued her.

Instant fufu mix billboard in Kumasi

Never for a lack of words, Madinghana commented:

“Gee, I’ve passed this billboard a thousand times or more. It takes fresh eyes to make me think about it.

Guess this is testimony to a growing middle class here in Ghana …Imagine in the heart of Ashanti the region of Ghana that takes its fufu most seriously, you’ll find a billboard plugging instant fufu! Guess this product is for the modern nuclear two income family, or d.i.n.k.s (double income no kids) or up and coming bachelor/bachelorets who burn the candle at both ends pursuing jobs in the formal sector.

I know a few years ago instant fufu powder was only exported from Ghana to be purchased by diasporan Ghanaians overseas who weren’t allowed to pound fufu in the apartment buildings they lived in. You’d rarely see it in supermarkets and now it’s on billboards! Incidentally it’s a poor substitute for the real McCoy….so readily available everywhere here in Kumasi…