Posted on March 26, 2010


Sunday morning timber lorry breakdown

And on the way back from the S.T.C. bus station on the Sunday morning after dropping Debbie and Maureen, I took a picture of this stalled timber lorry transporting four giant logs. to the new modern wood village near Sokoban.

To Debbie and Maureen, MadinGhana commented: “Since the traditional location at Anloga on the Accra Road was closed down, the timber trucks now pass through this village, past Four Villages Inn to the new modern wood processing village near Sokoban. And do you know when most trucks pass? SUNDAY! Maybe because the checkpoints monitoring timber on the move are closed down. Ghana has lost an estimated 75% of its forest cover and gawd knows how much of that was though illegal cutting…..”

Look carefully and you’ll see a sign….too bad He didn’t stop the loggers before they cut down these four magnificent primary growth trees.