Posted on April 2, 2010


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Funnily enough, just before our April 1st monthly meeting of the Ashanti Ghana Hotels Association, the Chairman of the association here in Ashanti showed me a copy of my December 17th MADINGHANA post entitled “10 years on in the Ghana Hotels Association”. He told me that some G.H.A. National Executive Officers were upset at my post. Apparently the blog post was discussed, but not brought to the table at their national meeting. Too bad, because the traditional foci of the association and the consequent reality of modern upmarket hotels not joining or dropping out MUST be discussed.

That aside, I am sure the N.E.C. members won’t be upset at this post….it’s a celebration of our Ashanti Ghana Hotels Association, its chairman Mr. T.F. Agyekum and our membership. For a number of months, the major issue confronting the Ashanti association and its member hotels was the astronomical increase in our K.M.A. Business Operating License fee. The minutes of meetings would read “Some members stressed that something should be done about the increment in their rates. The Chairman pleaded with the members to calm down and promised to do something about it.” You can imagine 70 or 80 hoteliers yelling and screaming about unfair levies!

But, truth be told, Kumasi hotels had received demand notices for a minimum of 300% increase from the 2009 license fees. Four Villages’ went from GH C85.00 in 2009 to a whopping GH C450.00 in 2010. The most staggering of increases went to a budget hotel called Ebiniebinie Hotel which had paid GH C60.00 in 2009 and then in 2010 received a demand notice for GH C750.00.

Well, Mr Agyekum, our Chairman, did do something about it. Repeated visits to the K.M.A. resulted in a dramatic revision of the rates for members in good standing of the association ONLY!. He informed the membership that the rates for other hotels not members would NOT be revised. Now there is another most tangible reason for upmarket Kumasi hotels to join the association here in Ashanti.

Well, Four Villages Inn will now pay GH C150.00 for 2010 and Ebiniebinie Hotel will pay GH C100.00. You can work out the percentages-they are significant to say the least.

Pictured here is Kwaku Wiredu, the manager of Ebiniebinie, thanking Chairman Agyekum andcongratulating Chairman Agyekum on a job well done. AYIKOO!

Kwaku Wiredu, Ebiniebinie Hotel

POSTSCRIPT: There was a new member hotel at the meeting. The Ghana Tourist Board had suggested that he join the association which was good to hear. The manager asked a couple of questions that brought a reaction from the membership.I believe members of the national Executive would do well to discuss these two questions:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages to being a member?
2. What are the dues used for?

I also hope the National Executive Members of the G.H.A. share with the membership in all the regions the victories of the association like the one described here. Too often we just hear about this member dying or his/her relative and how this much each regional association must pay and the date a delegation is to go to pay tribute to the member/relative….ugh!