Posted on April 8, 2010


Last week I received this invitation.

A web site for this electoral area! Wow! I went to the site directly, read it through and clicked on the “CONTACT US” icon to send the message that I would be attending “with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes”.

I know, I know-my post would be more effective without the silly expression; but I was so ecstatic at the initiative of our local assembly. Democracy in action and we are between elections! Unfortunately though, nothing came up for the ‘contact us’.

So, I went….

rings on my fingers and bells on my toes

and we waited:


and the event started…as is the custom people were called to the high table including the web site designer Ishmael Boateng. Then much to my surprise I heard Four Villages Inn announced. So up I went and sat myself next to Ishmael, introduced myself, told him I had gone to the site and congratulated him on his work. I then offered my services to proofread the text given the need for editing. He was most pleased at my offer. To my comment that the ‘contact us’ icon hadn’t been activated, he said he did what he was instructed to do. He said he would bring it to the notice of his employers. I asked him the location of his office so I could come and work with him on the site. He said he could bring his laptop and we could do it at the inn. GREAT!

It seems that the web site is the brainchild of Honourable Assemblyman Abraham Boadi a.k.a. “the agitator. Hey. there actually might be Ghanaians throwing stones at lizards….

Here Assemblyman Boadi is proudly displaying the new website address

Assemblyman Boadi proudly displaying the web site address

Here’s the link:


Note that the Ridge Nhyiaeso Electoral Area is the FIRST assembly in Kumasi to have a web site to be “linked to the world!” AIKOO!

Guess this all illustrates how important people are-not money. Assemblyman Boadi is shaking things up. Madinghana is back in Ghana bringing his skill as as an editor honed over 10 years an English teacher here in Ghana and 20 years in Canada.

Web sites, I believe, stimulate democracy-providing a means for an electorate to communicate with its elected officials and vice verso. Of course this all depends on people writing and people reading. Judging by the crowd present at the launching, it didn’t seem that many were readers or writers in their everyday life.