Posted on April 19, 2010


Recently Barry Hitchens, a trustee of Street Child Africa, a U.K. based N.G.O. and his wife Eileen Strang were visiting Kumasi combining a holiday with seeing projects here in Ghana. Needless to say, they chose to stay at Four Villages Inn. When they told me their mission here in Kumasi, I asked if I could tag along with them. First, we visited the administration offices, drop in centre and classrooms of the Street Children Project run by the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul affiliated with the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi. There we met the effervescent director, Sr. Josephine Okwori D.C. During the conversation, Barry remarked that it would be a good idea if Vera, who writes the reports to the donor agencies, learns EXCEL. Already Vera uses MICROSOFT WORD, so he thought two days of intensive training would enable her to use the program.

Madinghana’s ears perked up and I thought to myself-FOUR VILLAGES INN could sponsor and arrange for a tutor.

I returned to Four Villages, spoke to our son Frank, who knew just the person. I called Kobi who said he was available. We talked about a possible time and of course the cost. I phoned back Sr. Josephine and worked out the arrangements.

Within a week of our initial visit , Kobi and Vera sat down at the project’s laptop and began EXCEL!


Here is a picture of Barry and Eileen along with Sr. Gladys and George Baffour-Owusu-Afriyie, Director of Street Child Development Foundation, a second N.G.O. we visited that day, that primarily works with homeless boys on the street.

at Street Child Development Foundation

And to conclude this post, here is Barry’s comment in our FOUR VILLAGES INN guest book:

“Wonderful hospitality. Informative & top quality.”

And Eileen wrote in Comfort’s Market Tour review book:

“We had a thoroughly enjoyable and informative afternoon shopping with Comfort.”

Note: The operative word in the title of this post is “STARTS”. Soon Comfort and I will be visiting Sr. Josephine to see how we can include a visit to the two creches Street Child Project operates in Comfort’s famous market tour. More on this coming…