Posted on April 29, 2010


The other day I received an e-mail from the governor of Rotary District 5300 in the southwestern United States. It covers part of California east and north of Los Angeles and much of the southern part of the state of Nevada. The largest city in the district is the storied Las Vegas, known to many as the entertainment capital of the world and an exciting holiday destination each year for more than 35 million visitors from around the globe.

Well, this district has initiated a raffle to raise money for the disadvantaged in Las Vegas and, they say, around the world. They are soliciting entries from the Kumasi East membership and all other first, second and third world clubs to the tune of US$50.00 an entry …The prize is to win a four-day, all expenses-paid vacation for two people to fabulous Las Vegas.

“The fund-raising project means that some lucky couple from somewhere on the globe will win air fare to and from Las Vegas and a vacation to a town filled with the world’s grandest hotels; glittering global stars; exquisite restaurants with the most palate-tempting menus; and round-the-clock gaming excitement, all bathed in the brilliant sunshine of a desert oasis.

All proceeds from the effort will be spent on the charitable work of the Rotary Club of Las Vegas West in improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Las Vegas and around the globe through Rotary International. Members could win:

* Round-trip airfare to Las Vegas from your nearest international airport;
* Four nights in a five-star hotel
* $US500 shopping spree at the world’s finest stores
* Tickets to a major Las Vegas show
* Exquisite dinner for two at a fabulous Vegas restaurant
* Golf or spa services for two
* Limousine service to and from your hotel from Las Vegas McCarran Airport”

You can read the details at

Wow….now why didn’t we think of this? Why don’t we start a world wide internet raffle? You’d think that such an idea would originate in this part of the world where poverty is really front and centre. And then again, what does it matter where the idea comes from….

This morning I told Frank, our son, about this and he laughed when I said the goal was to raise money for the poor of Las Vegas.
His comment, “Did you know papa that the United States has the greatest wealth disparity of any country in the world. In the States, 5% of the population controls 95% of the wealth.”

I just wonder just how many of that 5% wealthy in the U.S.of A. have a connection to Las Vegas…I’d bet a lot! I wonder how much sharing goes on in that segment of the population in that part of the world…. What about the casinos there-oozing money? Have they never heard of CSR-that is corporate social responsibility?

Getting back to a Kumasi East Rotary Club raffle…now we know who the beneficiaries would be-the destitute of RACECOURSE… help me with the prize…how about simply the good feeling giving gives and the thought that you’ve helped somebody in desperate need with no-one to turn to…..

Anyways, strange that such an initiative would come out of Las Vegas, a city with probably one of the highest concentrations of wealth per capita in the world! I just find something a little sad and a little warped by this all. I did send the e-mail out to our membership. I’ll send out this post to them also .

And who knows you just might be receiving an e-mail from our Kumasi East Rotary Club asking you to enter our raffle!

To conclude, hats off to Rotary Las Vegas for their initiative…and should you enter, GOOD LUCK!

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