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On January 14th, I posted on the madinghana blog an item entitled “Almighty God in Kumasi” promoting a visit to this famous artist.

Almighty's Workshop, a Kumasi landmark

Well, Kwame Akoto, a.k.a. Almighty God, is still at the Suame Roundabout as he has been been for almost thirty years. You can mention either Almighty God or Suame Roundabout to a taxi driver and you’ll be driven straight there. And he’s been busy…recently Four Villages Inn hosted two dealers who spent a lot of time and money at his workshop buying and buying Almighty’s creations to export to Europe.
Madinghana tagged along and got these photos:

Eric, Almighty and Dan

Here are some of the “works of art” Dan and Eric purchased-more than thirty at about US$200.00 a pop! Almighty God sure was asmiling…

Almighty and works

Almighty and works

In case you are curious, the certificate Almighty is holding so proudly is an award he received recently from the Asante Students’ Union, National Secretariat, Manhyia,Kumasi.
It reads:

This is in recognition of your distinguished contribution to the arts and signs industry in Ashanti in particular and Ghana at large. In the face of profanity and decadence in the industry, you have shown through your work a high sense of moral rectitude. Your depictions of tradition and culture and your reflective designs of nature are extremely appreciated.
The Asante Students’ Union, National Secretariat, on this day, salute your contribution to the development of tradition and culture.”
Mo ne adwumapa
December, 2009

Nice isn’t it?

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