Posted on May 5, 2010


Hey, guess who I bumped into at Almighty God, the famous Kumasi street artist, BARACK OBAMA , the man himself. Na, it’s really a portrait of President Obama painted by Almighty God. Sure is lifelike, aye?

Barack Obama by Almighty God

I think I’ll email the nice people at Obama Hotel in Accra and suggest they think about putting some of Almighty God’s work in their hotel. I’ll send them this post too after it’s published.

This picture would go great in their plush Obama suite!

What a contract that would be for Almighty God doing portraits for all 24 rooms. For instance there’s a room for Michelle Obama and one for Joe Biden and one of Martin Luther King. Better still you go to their web site to see the rooms they offer. Four Villages loves the concept since our four rooms are done by themes as well: kente, adinkra, woodcarving and pottery.

On a more serious note, if it really was THE MAN himself, I’d sure bend his ear some…..

First, you might remember this issue, I’d tell President Obama about how disappointed I was in him that he didn’t visit an agricultural project-given the success or failure of this nation depends on its ability to feed itself.

Second, I’d tell him to get to get those agencies responsible for funding family planning projects in Ghana and the third world to get cracking. I remember in the 70s an active internationally funded program. In 1970. Ghana’s population was 8,739,405. By 1980 it was 11,026,160. Today it’s 23,350, 927. What’s going on….I believe unchecked population growth is the number one problem in Ghana and the developing world and it can be tackled through smart programs….(post to come……)

Third, I’d suggest President Obama, Michelle and their two girls come back and take in an unscheduled excursion to some other tourist sites besides Cape Coast Castle. For instance they could visit Wii Falls, the highest in Ghana, located in the Volta Region. There they could wade into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall through the black polythene bags and the empty water sachet. Then President Obama might get an idea of just how the tourism sector is mismanaged and undervalued.
Instead of sending bucks though, the U.S. might send like-minded tourism professionals to help guide the tourism sector where there is so much potential to earn foreign exchange and employ Ghanaians. Sometimes I think though that nobody cares, revenues from black gold -oil- will soon come to be followed by increased aid…Just where have all those revenues from gold gold and brown gold, not to mention the timber gone!

Fourth, I’d recommend to President Obama to bookmark Nicholas Kristof’s opinion column and On the Ground blog in the New York Times to get a true picture of life in the third world.

Fifth, I’d ask President Obama to do a little research to find out just how Rotary, a service organization made up of businessmen and women who meet once a week, got partnered with USAID to carry out mammoth water projects in three countries including Ghana to the tune of US$2,000,000 per country. It all kinda confirms my suspicions that aid is simply not about outcomes.