Posted on May 7, 2010


I had a dream…..

Saw this painting at Almighty God’s workshop and I almost picked it up. It’s from Almighty’s green period undoubtedly before he became Almighty God and being awarded certificates for fighting perversion and decadence!

Actually it’s a Picasso painted in 1932 in one day. Guess Picasso had other things to do while he wasn’t painting. . It recently sold at Christie’s auction house in London for over US$106,000,000.00 in just nine minutes! This sale sets the record for the most expensive painting ever sold!

Hey, I’ve got an idea for a fund raiser for Rotary here in Ghana-an auction, an auction that would include a work by Almighty God. Yes, Rotary Ghana could do something ….like that Club in Las Vegas. Needless to say one of the beneficiaries could be the Street Children Project referred to in previous posts.

Almighty God, the artist, is a Christian, and Christians, like people from all faiths, are judged by their good works-excuse the pun. So first we could approach him to request that he donate one of his paintings. If need be, we could take Almighty to visit Sister Josephine at the Street Children Project at the Catholic Cathedral. Sister Josephine could take Almighty God to see the children of the street children at the two creches, the little children who suffer to come unto HIM.
Next, hopefully, we could partner with a dynamic Rotary club in Accra. The auction would definitely raise more money in Accra given the high concentration of Rotary Clubs in Accra and the cosmopolitan nature of the population there. More items to bid on could be collected from both cities. Of course, another item up for auction from Kumasi would be a weekend for two at Four Villages Inn. There could be so much…

Suddenly I woke up-REALITY
-Oops, I forgot- maybe this idea won’t work….. all those Rotary Clubs in Accra will have their hands full implementing that gigantic US AID/ROTARY water and sanitation project building wells and toilets over the southern half of the country.
Better just consider trying the auction here in Ashanti.

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