Posted on May 17, 2010


Yes, one year ago, the lid blew off! Yes, one year ago, I was reborn! Yes, one year ago I started blogging!

I can’t imagine the state I would be in now if I hadn’t started blogging. But I did and you can too…It’s a wonderful catharsis to help one cope and to give hope to what might seem hopeless.

Now I know you’ve got problems with madinghana. I can just hear you saying, “Man that guy must be schizophrenic. There’s one big celebration of FOUR VILLAGES INN, KUMASI and GHANA and then there’s posts trying to reveal the inequities and social injustices that exist here.” For example, one minute I’m praising FOUR VILLAGES while in the next post I’m bemoaning the noise pollution….across the street-since stopped. “Gee, make up your mind,” you say.

Well, I have. I hope it won’t be long before a new blog will be created promoting FOUR VILLAGES, KUMASI and GHANA so the madinghana blog will be solely devoted to bravely commenting on development issues.

With this in mind, Madinghana had intended to spend this anniversary at Bolgatanga. Ya see, way up there in the Upper East Region of Ghana lives his blogging guru Bolgatanga Blogger Gayle of This is Ghana and G-lish blog fame.
Together we were going to spend time reorganizing this tome, as well as creating promotional material for the guesthouse. Needless to say, I had also hoped for a tutorial on the finer aspects of blogging and getting madinghana out into the blogosphere.

However, circumstances weren’t right, so the eleven hour bus odyssey is on hold…for the moment.,

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