Posted on May 18, 2010

Comfort’s Central Market Tour continues to get rave reviews which I will share with you below. But now I’d like to celebrate the market itself that got written up in TIMEOUT ACCRA: THE INSIDERS GUIDE TO THE PERFECT BREAK 2009-2010, a wonderful travel magazine out of the U.K. Here’s what they write about the market:


“There’s little else like an African city market.. Each is unique and yet comparable in their chaotic order. Visitors need not shop at all, rather stare in wonder at the melee and hustle of it all, soaking up raw unsanitized, fluid market economy in action, as it used to be across the world.. In 2007, Kumasi’s Central Kejetia Market, next to the Kejetia Circle, was all but destroyed by fire, but has risen again and is among the finest examples of open-air markets in West Africa with the unrelenting hotchpotch of colourful capitalism. Look out in particular for the rows of shoe makers and tailors working skillfully, and at incredible speed, on old sewing machines.”

Yes, Kumasi’s Kejetia Central Market is a must and going with Comfort, Four Villages Inn’s exclusive tour guide, is a must.


Recent guests Khalifa Al-Khalifa from Bahrain and Jurchiro Sahara from Tokyo, Japan both students of the University College, London were in Ghana on a two week internship focusing on urban agriculture in Accra. They had finished their short internship and came to Kumasi to sight see while the other 38 interns went to the beach. A big thank you to Khalifa and Jurchiro who brought and left TIMEOUT ACCRA for our future guests to enjoy and consult.

Incidentally, Khalifa Al Khalifa and Jurchiro found us with the ole standby-the proverbial “bible” on Ghana, the Bradt Guide to Ghana” by Philip Briggs. Madinghana has already written to TIMEOUT requesting a review or a listing as well as, you know me, making the suggestion that, in the interest of Ghana’s national tourism industry, they expand the focus to include the whole country. In actual fact, TIME OUT publications also does editions entitled TIMEOUT LAGOS and TIMEOUT NIGERIA.

Here’s the web site:
Write to order the magazine on line and suggest they do TIMEOUT GHANA!

Back to Khalifa and Jurchiro. Here are their reviews of Four Villages Inn:

Khalifa Al-Khalifa: Great stay

Jurchiro Sahara: Many thanks for the wonderful experience and stay in Kumasi. Everything, room, breakfast, tours (Comfort) was perfect. Hope to see you again soon! Good luck!:

And here are their reviews of the day they spent with Comfort:

Khalifa: Great guide.

Jurchiro: Comfort! Your day tour was awesome! Really delighted to be with you and touring Kumasi and its great culture, Best of luck!

off to the brass village with Comfort

At the end of the day, Comfort even took the two in her newly purchased ole VW 1300 to Krokrofrom, the brass village where head brassmith Paul showed them around late on a Sunday afternoon.

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