Posted on June 26, 2010


Pre-game musings….

Tongues are wagging….on the street, over the airwaves, on the net…can the Black Stars of Ghana score just one goal? We must be one of the very first teams, if not the first, ever to get to the round of 16 by scoring goals just on penalty shots.

Often soccer is seen as a metaphor for life. We have goals and they are reached when opportunities present themselves. When we score we win…riches, status….cups, you get the drift….

Now opportunities are present in Ghana-don’t get me wrong-but who has got the capital, the support to realize goals….

Often, opportunity is capitalizing on others’ mistakes. Now yes, people pay for theirmistakes everywhere in this world…but here you really pay for mistakes-all the time and big time. Why? Cause there are lots of opportunists waiting to take advantage of a mistake. An example in our lives…..we were entrusted to do car repairs for guests/friends who were traveling out of the country on holiday…the shocks had to be changed….Guess what? The tires in fairly good condition were switched for tires in poorer condition and it was after the guests picked up the car and had arrived at their posting far, far away that the discovery was made… Score: fitter’s mate 1-client 0

Anyways, GHANA seize the opportunity and score, score, score! You get the drift, I hope.

madinghana predicts Ghana will score more than just one goal….Final score: 3-1 GHANA over U.S.A.

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