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So, I’m at the GHANA TOURIST BOARD paying FOUR VILLAGES INN 2010 license fee. I’m earlier than last year-didn’t pay the GH C75.00 for 2009 until September 20th. It was kind of a little protest since throughout 2009 FOUR VILLAGES INN had been blasted by music from a bar in front of a one star hotel and no action by the G.T.B. had been taken. ALL TAKEN CARE OF SINCE, UGH….

But that is beside the point, I was at the GHANA TOURIST BOARD paying the 2010 license fee of GH C 45-yes, GH C 30 less despite everything else in this country going up leaps and bounds….


and this guy is sitting there right in front of the Ghana Tourist Board offices. “How appropriate’, I thought after noticing his tee-shirt. I asked him if he knew what it meant. No clue….

Well, shit has happened. The ELECTRICITY CORP OF GHANA has raised its rate astronomically-sometimes I think percentages are like what you would see in Zimbabwe-the worst economy in the world according to the latest FORBES magazine poll-Ghana ranked ninth in that same poll-bet ya expected a post on that one from madinghana-still might do one….

So, I wrote an item for the Bradt update-see blog

On June 1, 2010, the Electricity Corporation of Ghana raised its rates dramatically. It was the first increase since 2004! Non-residential rates were increased over a whopping 100%. Before June 1, each unit over the first 600 costs 0.195 p. After June 1 each unit over the first 600 costs 0.450 p, representing an increase of 130.77%! In short, travellers to Ghana might expect large discrepancies between advertised rates such as those you will find in guides or on brochures and those quoted at reception. Phone ahead to get the revised rate.

Chris Scott

And I have started to inform future guests with confirmed reservations…here’s one reply and a madinghana reply:

madinghana: Just to inform you of a slight raise of our rates as of August 1st. Electricity charges jumped 130.77%! I’m not kidding-single room US$75 -double room will be US$85.00 or Ghana cedi equivalent -hope you understand.

guest reply:Hello to Kumasi,
We understand your point of view. However, we hope there will no further surprises for us !
Warmest Regards,

madinghana:Good Evening,

There won’t be any more surprises at FOUR VILLAGES INN. We had the courtesy to inform you!

These situations, and I refer to the 130.77% increase in non-residential electricity rates on June 1, 2010, happen in a fragile democracy that has experienced massive brain drain. To think electricity rates had remained unchanged since 2004 and no public utilities monitoring agency had raised any warning….


Postscript: The US$5.00 increase is for those who reserved before August 1st. Our new published rack rates show an increase of US$10.00. Incidentally, this increase represents the first since April 2007!

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