Posted on August 15, 2010



My facebook friend Ben Boaitey-Blicks posted another item related to Ashanti-this time on kente.

Chelsea Inn & Suites – Accra
Kente was developed by the Ashanti people in the 17th Century A.D. It is a royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance. Kente is said to have originated when a man by the name of Ota Karaban and his friend Kwaku Ameyaw from the town of Bonwire learned the art of making Kente Cloth by observing a spider weaving its …spider web. They watched the spider carefully and mimicked its actions to weave the first Kente Cloth. They reported their accomplishment to their local chief, Nana Bobie, who in turn reported it to the Asantehene. The Asantehene was very impressed by the craftsmanship and decreed it a royal cloth, and used it for special occasions to show his prestige. Today in Ghana, both the Ashanti, Ewe and many tribes are well known for their expertise in creating the Kente cloth.

Christopher Scott Guests of Four Villages Inn, Kumasi ( rave about the kente village of Adanwomase and avoid the high hassle experience of Bonwire.
Buying Kente? Kumasi Central Market is the place.

Now I get the chance to tell the story I tell all our guests who are interested in purchasing kente.

A number of years ago, Dr. Quao, our Montreal family doctor was visiting Ghana with his adult son who lives in the States. Dr. Quao was interested in purchasing kente and went to Bonwire where he did some serious shopping going from shop to shop bargaining and bargaining. He ended up purchasing two full pieces of kente and was so happy with his purchases.

The next day, father and son guided by Comfort went to the Kumasi Central Market where he saw the identical pieces of clothe for…hold onto your hat…. just over half the price.

When returning to FOUR VILLAGES Dr. Quao gave us explicit instructions, “Tell all your guests to buy their kente at Kumasi Central Market.”