Posted on September 20, 2010


I’m here and I’m writing, but the letters are sensitive…”everything is political” I am told by the most senior police official here in Ashanti. Enough said….for now…

The inspiration for this post comes from my oldest friend Nana Amoako Agyeman, a.k.a. villagerainbows who has recently been posting old pictures taken in the early seventies when we were both young Canadian volunteer teachers in the Western Region. This particular picture is entitled NEVER LOSE HOPE.

Never Lose Hope

What an apt metaphor for Ghana! In the seventies, the Bedford truck, a.k.a Mammy Wagon, was the backbone of the rural, agriculturally based economy of Ghana. Nowadays, these workhorses these treasures of Ghana are rarely seen…Perhaps this picture of a cab looking for a lorry chassis is some sort of omen for the demise of the Bedford truck and for that matter the small-scale rural farms that they serviced so admirably through the decades.
Just the other day the following scary article, 37% OF GHANA’S FARMLAND RECOLONIZED appeared on the crosscrocodile blog-see blog roll or go to it here:

The article was also posted by a friend on FACEBOOK. My response, “GAWD!”. A more articulate, less emotional response, came from another facebook friend, an activist and former guest of Four Villages Inn:
Gwendolyn Wellmann
Indeed a problem. I raised red flags about Golden Star Resources oil palm plantation, which will inevitably lead to food shortages and make the farmers (whose land is now belonging to Golden Star) low-paid (if paid at all as they were not …paid in 2007 when I was on site) workers on what used to be their land. Nedbank (SA bank) even went as far as to award Golden Star a ‘sustainable’ award!! The world gone completely mad. My concerns fell on deaf ears, but I intend to show through valid research that there is nothing sustainable about the way that plantation was established.

Ironically, Golden Star Resources is a Canadian owned company that is operating big time in the Western Region not only in the bio fuel sector, but also in gold mining. In fact, Golden Star Resources is mentioned else where in this blog, and it isn’t complimentary….

Incidentally, I sent the post, but never did have a reply from the Canadian High Commissioner…more deaf ears

Well, is there hope when the main economic activity of people is being eroded by unchecked foreign investment? Everything is political…..that’s for sure…..