Posted on November 22, 2010



Maya and Tony, honeymooners from the U.K., arrived at Four Villages Inn for a three night stay. I usually ask our guests where they are travelling from and where they stayed. They had come from Cape Coast and they had stayed at Eshu, a spa resort,which they said they had enjoyed very much.

I decided to write to Eshu:

Greetings from Ashanti,

So you hosted honeymooners Toby and Maya from the U.K. They said that they had a wonderful stay at Eshu!

From Eshu they came to FOUR VILLAGES INN. Here’s what they wrote in our guest book upon departure:

“We came to Ghana on honeymoon looking for adventure and warm people-we found lots of explore and enjoy in Kumasi (contrary to reports) and exactly the kind of warmth and welcome we hoped for at Four Villages Inn. What a wonderful feeling we have. Thank you Chris and Charity, and to Comfort and Kwame. Oh, and the food was amazing. Lots of love to you!”

Hope you will think of us if any of your guests ask for a recommendation where to stay in Kumasi.

Best wishes,

Charity and Chris, Hosts

Here’s the reply-the e-mail subject read:

“Eshu-Four Villages Inn: natural partnership based on customer oriented policy”

Greetings from Cape,

Apparently we are sharing a lot of customers !
It is not the first time we are hosting people who visited (before or
after their stay at Eshu) Four Villages Inn. We have heard only good
reviews about your place. Congratulations for the job !

Thanks to your effort it is easy for us to recommend Four Villages In
as THE place to be in Kumasi. We used to drive our customers to your
place and we will continue to do that with a great pleasure. It is our
will to be helpful to our customers. Thanks to your quality it is easy
for Kumasi (a bit less for places like Tamale for instance ;-).

We could be interested in add your products like your wonderful
sausages to our menu. How it is possible to get some regularly ?

Thank you for your email and your support Chris.
All the best for you and Charity.

Warm regards,


1. Now what is Toby holding? It’s a little wedding gift from FOUR VILLAGES INN-a unique bottle opener (wood and two nails) with F.V.I. cut into the pattern. Comfort, our tour guide and jack of all trades, makes them and we sell them for her, exclusively to our guests.

2. ‘CONTRARY TO REPORTS’ -HERE IN KUMASI AND ASHANTI THERE IS SOOOOOOOO MUCH TO DO AND SEE! But always the problem is marketing. Soon I believe that the Ghana Tourist Board here in Ashanti is coming out with a web site and a travel guide to Ashanti. I hope the Ghana Tourist Board will collaborate with hoteliers in the private sector. I think our input would be invaluable. It’s a collaborative thing…

In the meantime, upmarket hotels will continue to get the word out that Kumasi is the heart of GHANA’S cultural tourism.

3. LINKS: The other day I asked my web master in Canada to add another link to web site-see our contact page. It went up the same day! I then decided to go to the web sites of the four establishments already there to see if they had links to us. Two of the four didn’t have links to us; in fact, they didn’t have any links at all. I might add these two sites were developed here in Ghana….The two sites developed overseas did have links…

It does not surprise me…it’s one of those examples of “there’s no collaboration here Chris”. Everyone is an island unto themselves-such is Ghana…I brought my observation to the attention of the President of the Ghana Hotels Association and owner of The Rest Inn, one of the hotels we have a link for…

He indicated that there had been a Hotel Directors’ workshop in Accra and soon there would be one organized for Kumasi.

And oh, yes, Eshu will soon be added to our links along with Afia African Village in Accra which also gets rave reviews from the many guests we share.