Posted on November 23, 2010


“out of the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new day”-a quote from The Lion King

Sandee Mandel realizing Leah's Dream

Sandee Mandel arrived at Four Villages Inn on her way north to Larabanga to follow LEAH’S DREAM. Leah, Sandee’s daughter, had died tragically in a car crash working here in Ghana for an N.G.O. empowering women through education and working in the shea butter industry in the Northern Region.

Sandee has since established a non-profit, LEAH’S DREAM, The Afafanto Scholarship Fund, and was making her first visit to the area to meet with contacts.

You can log onto the web site at and from there connect to Leah’s Blog. Incidentally, ‘afafanto’ means butterfly in the Ghanaian language Twi.

Update: Sandee and partner Jeff Brown returned from their travels up north to stay at Four Villages again-a common scenario-before heading for the coast. She was so positive for the future of her project.

Here’s what Sandee wrote in our Four Villages Inn guest book upon departure:

“Chris and Charity are wonderful hosts and Charity’s dinner was the best we’ve had in Ghana. Thanks so much for your excellent hospitality.”

Before going, I mentioned to Sandee that Four Villages Inn was expecting another N.G.O. representative in a couple of days and that I would share her contact details…little did I know….

Family Bond

The Bonds arrived. Dominic (left) is founder of Sabre Charitable Trust, “Building a brighter future for school children in Ghana.” He was in the company of his dad Julian with his partner Angie along with wife Sofie and son Raffi.

Sabre stands for Supportin Africa By Rural Endeavors. It’s mission is building schools, training teachers and supplying learning resources. Check out their web site to see their wonderful accomplishments

On checkout, Julian told me all about a new foundation that Angie has started in memory of her son Jamie who died following an illness in June, 2010. Together, the Jamie Procter Foundation and Sabre Trust will be working to enrich the lives of young people both from the U.K. and here. Jamie was a passionate athlete and the first project will see 15 promising athletes from disadvantaged areas in Inner City London, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to travel, coming the Ghana to participate in a sports camp with athletes from the Central Region of Ghana where Sabre Trust operates.

Log onto to for a real life story of another mother making a difference in this world.

And to conclude, here’s what the Bonds wrote in our Four Villages Inn guest book upon departure:

first Julian and Angie:

“Fantastic 2 days in your lovely oasis-great place to explore Kumasi.”

and Dominic and Sophie:

“Really enjoyed our stay. Thank you so much.”