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Lately, Four Villages Inn has hosted some very smart people. They’ve chosen FOUR VILLAGES INN and they’ve chosen to take COMFORT’S FAMOUS KUMASI CENTRAL MARKET TOUR offered exclusively to FOUR VILLAGES INN guests. Recently another high ranking diplomat stayed at the competition and tried to book COMFORT’S FAMOUS MARKET TOUR here- sorryo no go!

Here are three reviews from recent guests which have prompted management here to increase the cost of the tour-morning or afternoon from GH C 5.00 per person to GH C 10.00 per person.

Really though it was Accra resident Kathryn Wykes who sat me down and said what everybody says, -that is just how great the tour is- only she added, “The tour is such quality, Chris; it’s worth more.

Here’s what Kathryn wrote in Comfort’s guest book,

“You are the best part of Kumasi! Thanks.”

And other recent reviews:

“Fantastic guide to the market, Comfort. You knew every stop, every distance and every person! You even tracked down one or two less common items in the process (including cold drinks in the heat). Thank you too for your patience and warmth in looking after our little boy, Milo. We had a lovely afternoon.”

Brown/Doherty family.”

“Without you, Comfort, we would have got lost in Kumasi Central Market and would have missed much of what makes this market such a well functioning and fascinating place.”

Reinold and Antie

and Jean and Bobby (pictured below) write:

“Thanks Comfort! Best Market Experience all thanks to you. Most amazing tour ever! Thank you Comfort Awesome

Jean and Bobby a.k.a. BARKER'S BEAUTIES!

Now just what are ‘BOB BARKER’S BEAUTIES’ modeling for THE PRICE IS RIGHT? Should I tell you? When guests come asking for a bottle opener to open their cold drinks from our stocked room fridges, I simply say, “Look carefully. There’s one on top of the fridge!” (It’s the teacher in me.)

Well Bobby and Jean bought eight as Christmas presents for back home.

And guess who made them? COMFORT….OF KUMASI MARKET TOUR FAME!

If you’ve got the time, read an article I wrote for the DESTINATION GHANA travel magazine for an issue devoted to the Ashanti Region-yet to go to press:


Each issue of DESTINATION has focused on people who are making a difference here in Ghana. While past portraits have featured highly educated men and women who perform on the national and international stages, this issue of DESTINATION GHANA has chosen to celebrate Comfort Opoku who truly represents life in the informal sector of Ghana’s economy. Incidentally, approximately ninety percent of activity in the Ghanaian economy takes place with in the informal sector!

Nowhere is this truer than in the markets of Ghana. And the market to beat all markets in Ghana is located in Ashanti the focus of this edition of DESTINATION GHANA. No visit to Kumasi is complete without a visit to Kumasi Central Market, reputed to be the largest outdoor market in West Africa comprising of 12 hectares and more than 10,000 shops! It’s intimidating to say the least, not only in size, but in hustle and bustle!

You can brave it on your own, but to maximize your experience, DESTINATION GHANA highly recommends that you hire a local guide. The most famous by far is Comfort Opoku, who has been guiding tourists through the market for more than ten years.

In fact, Comfort, a.k.a. Adjoa Ghana, was born in March of 1957 and has been going to the market all through her life and the life of Ghana as a country. She does remember being nine and selling fish. “I had the smallest voice and people would laugh at me.” Now, nobody laughs. One tourist remarked, “It’s like going through the market with a celebrity. Everybody knows her and she knows everybody.”

Comfort’s tour starts with a climb to a vantage point to get a panorama view of what’s in store. Not only does Comfort take you to every corner of the market, she also introduces you to lots of traders. A popular stop is at the kente clothe sellers where .she helps you select a cloth, try it on, and negotiate a fair price. “Central market is the place to buy kente particularly if you are buying a full piece. It’s where locals go to get their kente.”.

Furthermore, Comfort takes you into the back sweatshops where worn tires are magically turned into sandals, or old second hand t- shirts are converted into fashionable, stylish, designer-like creations. Want to buy a few yards of colourful tie and die material and have it made into an African style dress or shirt, Comfort is the one to take you effortlessly through the process.

A firm believer in the adage, “If you work hard, you will succeed”, Comfort over the years has worked at many jobs: raising rabbits, vegetable gardening, owning and operating her own ice cream shop, working in a meat processing company and right now raising chickens, selling pastries and spring rolls, owning and working a large oil palm plantation, producing tie and die and, of course leading tours to the market, Adomomase kente village and other Ashanti attractions.

Today Comfort owns her own house, has a well and electricity and has near finished a large outside kitchen for her catering business. On top of all this, Comfort cares for her ailing father and numerous nieces and nephews as well as single-handedly raising her daughter Amanda, now 15, her pride and joy!

Comfort guides exclusively for FOUR VILLAGES INN-see ad on page . Four Villages Inn keeps a book for guests who take her tour. The last words therefore go to Comfort’s patrons. There’s a saying “You’re only as good as your last review” so here follows Comfort’s last reviews before the submission of this article:

“A brilliant day with Comfort!” Helen B.-28-08-09-U.K.

“This tour was the highlight of our visit to Kumasi! Comfort is so knowledgeable and pleased to share all her experience with guests. Thank you!” Brian and Anna C. 24-08-09-Canada

“What an amazing tour! Thank you so much. Filled with thoughtful insights and a great help finding what we wanted. GREAT!” –Carling B. & Kris D. 22-08-09-Canada-Nigeria

“Comfort, you are a wonderful woman! The day was fun and your expert tour of the market fantastic. Wonderful company for an interesting day! Thank you!”-Julia B. 21-08-09-Canada-Nigeria

“Our day with Comfort was incredible-very informative & fascinating market tour followed by the inside scoop tour of the villages and a session of Ananse stories on the cab ride back. Thank you so much!!” Catherine M. & Wendy E. 10-08-09-U.S.A.

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