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Reminder: the madinghana resolution is to get the Electricity Company of Ghana to cut the electricity/meter to an apeteshie bar in no man’s land behind Four Villages Inn in this first class residential zone. It is not to get rid of the bar.

Monday, January 24, 2011: What a coincidence! The irony is starling! The very day we are to meet Nana, the powerful owner of The Point, at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly City Engineer’s office all hell breaks loose and needless to say he does not make it to the meeting.

But Charity and I go…to meet the officer who went to The Point on Friday and then to Four Villages telling us he had given The Point 14 days to vacate the land. The officer tells us that Nana, the owner of The Point, won’t be at the meeting. Nana had phoned to tell him that he was being questioned by the police regarding the death of a suspected armed robber at police headquarters. Incidentally, Nana had not been there on the Friday. His wife received the order and she said that she had to travel to inform Nana…Apparently, it wasn’t only the City Engineer’s office that had a bone to pick with Nana when he returned to Kumasi….

With the officer we went to the office of The Assistant City Engineer. There much to our surprise we were told that Nana did have a valid Temporary Structure Permit! Imagine he’s supposedly renewed it 11 times at GHS100.00 a pop and nobody in the neighbourhood has been asked if they have any objections. Hmmmmm

And what was more surprising even shocking, was that the Assistant City Engineer told us that we would have to wait until The Point’s Temporary Structure Permit expired!

It was my turn. I asked the officer who went to The Point when the expiry date was. He couldn’t answer. I asked him if Nana had a permit why did he come and report to us that he had given him two weeks to clear the premises. No answer.

Then it was Charity’s turn. “I am willing to pay whatever it takes.”

I finished off talking about the history of The Point in this neighbourhood.

map of neighbourhood around FOUR VILLAGES


We first remember The Point on Plot 64-see A back in 1996, 1997 when we used to visit each July and August to do a bit more work on our house. In fact it was our watering hole of choice being just across the road!

Then in 1997, The Point moved across the road to B on the poultry farm. The owner of the farm gave Nana a two year limit to locate the Point on his property

When we returned in the 1999, the Point had moved behind plot 29 next to our plot 31. We went to the owner, a neighbour who lives in sight of our house, to request-here we say beg-her to ask the apeteshie bar to move. She and her husband who also has a house in this same section were very hostile and said they were being good Christians to allow him to stay there to make a living! We were literally yelled out of their house. It was then when we went to the City Engineer’s office-see Part 1-for his even more surprising response. Incidentally, the then City Engineer and the owner of Plot 29 and her husband are co-parishioners in the same large mainline church….

Fast forward-11 years-to our meeting yesterday at the Assistant City Engineer. I suggested that if they decided to move The Point they might consider issuing a Temporary Structure Permit for the next 11 years at location D at the backside of Plot 6 on a lane that is not used at that place.

Conclusion: the meeting with Nana, The Point owner, will be called when Nana is available after the police investigation. STAY TUNED….

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