Madinghana: New Year’s Resolution Part 8

Posted on February 6, 2011


You know I can’t figure out why there aren’t dozens of investigative journalists like Anas Aremeyaw Anas. There are so many ills in this fast-changing society to blow right open. Many result from a clash between modernity and tradition; others simply stem from a greedy elite or wannabees and their get rich quick ethic that permeates this society.

Anyways, here is another story which prompts me to suggest to Anas that he probes the interplay between traditional practitioners and the law. Or maybe a student at the Ghana School of Journalism could write a paper on the subject or perhaps a Ghanaian graduate student doing a Master’s of Journalism at home or abroad. This story relates a hit and run incident when one 15-year-old girl was killed outright and three of her friends were critically injured. Togbe Adesi, the driver, a traditional healer, was fined GHS600.00, ABOUT US$400.00!

As you have read, this article appeared in the Daily Guide, the same newspaper that reported, or should I write misreported, the incident behind Four Villages Inn. If you google Togbe Adesi you can read other stories on this terrible incident and digest other details such as:

1. Togbe Adesi did not stop for fear he would be lynched by the bystanders. Note the incident happened very close by to the Volta Region Regional Police Headquarters and….he had a royal python in the vehicle where the spare tire is kept!
2. Two days after the incident, Togbe Adesi stormed into police headquarters accompanied by two lawyers.
3. The snake along with Togbe Adesi was held six days at the Ho Police Station and was released with the ‘Snake Doctor’ when he was granted bail.


4. the snake doctor said that the snake, a python, could be sent to someone and that person would be bitten and would die.

Unbelievable, isn’t it. A hit and run, no license, no insurance and there is no more serious charge and punishment! The poor family of the deceased who have “left everything to God”!

Unbelievable, an apeteshie bar is a ‘residence’, ‘a house’. Unbelievable that a police Public Relations Officer can tell the press that there will be an investigation of the shooting death of a man and nobody in the neighbourhood where it occurred has yet to be questioned…