Posted on February 28, 2011


Horace Lawrence

Horace Lawrence is my hero. HE ACTED!

Here he is just before leaving Four Villages Inn at the crack of dawn. He and his partner Marlene are all set to go to the Kumasi Airport to catch a flight to Accra…again.

The day before, all flights to and from Accra had been canceled -solar flares- and their airline had told them to be at the airport at 6:00 a.m the next day. At the airport, they had met Boakye of BOAKYE SERVICES, a private car hire service here in Kumasi. Boakye informed them that an alternative was a GHS300.00 drive to Accra; but they opted to return to FOUR VILLAGES INN for the night and to try again in the morning. Boakye drove them back to FOUR VILLAGES from the airport when Marlene and Horace arranged for a 5:30 a.m. pickup.

Well, no Boakye Services at 5:30 a.m.
At 5:45 am I phoned him, but no answer….at 5:55 am he phoned to say he is on his way. At 6:05, we give up waiting and I go on the road, no taxi…Marlene comes out to the road and asks me to take them. I return and as I’m going to get the car, Horace walks out himself and within a minute returns with a taxi!

Here’s the follow-up received in an email from Marlene:

Horace and I arrived home today safely and in good spirits. After we
left you the morning of the 18th our taxi broke records getting to the
airport. We were the last to check in, and they were fending off
standby passengers. I guess the previous cancellations meant that
everyone was not only prompt, but early. We were well past security
and almost ready to board when the fellow who was supposed pick us up
worked his way past security to plead his case. Talk about lost

Boakye of Boakye Services showed up at FOUR VILLAGES INN at 6:33 a.m. I told him my guests had already left. He started to explain, “The plane…” I cut him off, “They don’t know that…”
Damn, why did I cut him off… What do you think he was going to say? Why do you think he was so late?

KUMASI TRAVEL TIP: Kumasi has three very professional car hire services: Dodi Travel and Tours, Justlink and St Michael’s.

P.S. Marlene and Horace have every intention to return. Do ya see Horace’s walking stick cum seat? There are flags from every country they have visited around the world on the legs. He showed me that there are two Ghana flag stickers….”a second one for our next trip to Ghana!”

Here’s what they wrote in the FOUR VILLAGES INN guest book:
upon the first departure:

“This was a lovely calm place to be in a busy itinerary. Wonderful accommodation, superb breakfast, and delightful hosts.”

and upon the second departure:

“Chris and Charity have provided us with extraordinary support and serenity, the inn is more than we expected, the breakfast offerings lovely.”

Madinghana Commentary: All over the world people play tricks… but here there are always “brothers and sisters” to protect the wrong-doer…nothing can get better if those cushions of acceptance of lame excuses and lies, inertia of public officials, and ubiquitous forgiveness are removed. Consequences must be faced if anything is to get better.

I am forwarding this post to the Ashanti Regional Manager of the Ghana Tourist Board and to the Director of Operations at the Ghana Tourist Board, Accra as food for thought and action.