Posted on March 3, 2011


Kumasi East Rotary Club

Here we are at the end of our Kumasi East Rotary meeting during which I made an impassioned presentation encouraging my fellow Rotarians to start using the internet to tell their stories.

I started off with the Biblical quote – when in Ghana do as Ghanaians do – “AND IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THE ______ and Rotarian Josephine supplied the word word AND THE WORD WAS______ and Rotarian Akwasie supplied the word God.

“Well, today how about substituting the word God for BLOG!” We’ve got to start telling our stories. The word is powerful and our stories will help make Ghana better! I think that things are fast slipping away here because few people are telling their stories.

Look what’s happening in North Africa! Commentators say a lot has to do with people using the internet, that social networking is empowering people to change things. Well, here in Ghana we have a democracy so we don’t have to fight, but we have to write to promote good governance and combat corruption, apathy and inertia in the public service! And we can only do that by telling our stories for all to hear!”

I continued by relating what we recite at the beginning of every Rotary meeting: the Rotary Four Way Test of the Things We Think, Say and Do along with the Ghanaian National Pledge. I said I had trouble with the last line of the Pledge, “and I promise in all things to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana, so help me God.”

I said I thought it might better if it read, “and I promise in all things to write to promote the name of Ghana.”

Note: Ironically, The Ghanaian National Pledge was written in the 70’s, dark years when Ghana was ruled by a military dictatorship. I was here during all those years and remember learning the pledge along side the 700 students at Akrokerri Teacher Training College here in Ashanti. At the time I really couldn’t understand that last line. And today, I don’t!

Then I went on to recount MY ONE AND ONLY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION saga and the success in getting the letter, but only through perseverance.

I concluded by offering my limited expertise in helping anyone to get started blogging.

At home, I forwarded the Part 9 post of the Resolution series to my fellow Rotary Club members….they had received part 8 a few days before the meeting.