madinghana: loose ends

Posted on March 4, 2011


1. Our Rotary Meetings take place at Golden Tulip Kumasi City.

This 160 room 4 star hotel is owned by besieged Libyan Dictator Gaddafi as is the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra. There have been small protests. At one time, after the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland, the American and other diplomatic missions in Accra had imposed a travel ban on their nationals from staying there. Then relations eased and the ban was lifted and once again the parking lot sprouted red CD license plates galore.

I’ve just started to subscribe to a wonderful site that lampoons foreign aid/mission workers. . They asked me to write a guest post about “The four star hotel”.

As a committed, active and vociferous member of the Ghana Hotels Association for the past eleven years, I think I’ll accept the invitation although it might cost us business…..I’ve always been most concerned that Ghana is fast getting a high cost destination reputation.

Ghana, branded “the Gateway to West Africa” and one of the few safe countries in the sub-region, has been the preferred destination for countless high level diplomatic/aid sponsored conferences. As a result, room rates have skyrocketed in this country and our fledgling tourist industry is at risk.

Believe me, I bet if a study was carried out hotel accommodation in Accra would be as expensive or MORE expensive than Paris or New York! I kid you not!

Nana Amoako Agyeman

2. Following my post entitled MADINGHANA: ONE AND ONLY RESOLUTION: PART 9 celebrating acquiring a letter from E.C.G. to disconnect the electricity supply from a kiosk apeteshie bar in no-man’s-land behind us, my long time good friend and fellow blogger Nana Amoako Agyeman commented:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Frank is absolutely correct – it is very difficult to make this kind of progress. You are an inspiration, my friend. Proof that perseverance is the solution to many challenges.

3. madinghana received approval from Horace and Marlene Dehn for the post entitled HORACE LAWRENCE: MY HERO, MAN OF ACTION:

Hi Chris, I think Horace really enjoyed your blog and we approve. I
guess he’s becoming a travel celebrity. This year the Elderhostel
catalog put his picture in one issue. They are trying to attract
more African-Americans to their trips.

comment by madinghana: Horace will always be a celebrity here at FOUR VILLAGES INN!

4. and, about Kumasi East Rotary Club pedestrian crossing project idea…Rotarian Richard approached authorities and was told each crossing involved the purchase of three gallons of reflective white paint GH S 45×3= GH S135.00 plus GH S65.00 for labour! Ugh. In US$ that’s about US$133.00 per crossing. Given that there are probably 100s if not 1,000s in the Kumasi Metropolis, I guess we are going to have to be selective.

It was decided that the committee of three would approach Urban Roads and propose that Kumasi East Rotary Club would provide the materials and the municipal department would provide the labour, in the spirit of true private sector/public sector partnership.

Usually it’s the private sector completing public sector work unassisted …like Four Villages repairing the entrance to the public lane that leads to the entrance of our Guest House.
Note this is Charity’s project-she knows better than to request urban roads to make the repairs. Needless to say, madinghana a.k.a. Four Villages has tried and tried, without any success, to get Urban Roads to make the repairs and the entrance is getting rather dodgy.


Still, I did get a return on all the taxes we pay when I did get the letter from the City Engineer’s office to disconnect the apeteshie bar. I can’t expect too much now, can I?