Posted on March 8, 2011



Here at Four Villages we celebrated with Tiffany Smith and Alcillena Wilson.

Tiffany, Charity and Alcillena

These two young women are tourists from America. They stopped in Kumasi to overnight “in the luxury” of Four Villages Inn before heading North. They said they had met a few years ago in South Africa. Learning that, madinghana recommended they focus more on the fascinating Muslim culture of the North rather than on Mole Park. “Since you’ve been to the game parks of South Africa, Mole National Park can be a bit of an anti-climax.” The young ladies poured through our BRADT GUIDE TO GHANA researching their onward journey.

Charity and I did have a nice chat with Alcillena. Since they had come from Cape Coast, I was curious about her reaction to the castles. She said that her response hadn’t been as traumatic as she thought it would be. She said she considered the castles to be a learning experience. “It was horrible what happened, but now look, we are all over the world!”

Alcillena did give a travel tip on visiting Cape Coast. Having visited both Elmina castle and Cape Coast castle in that order, she said she would have preferred to have done it in the reverse order, Cape Coast first where there was much more history explained through the comprehensive museum exhibits-a cerebral approach- and then going to Elmina castle which appeals more to the gut wrenching emotions.

Then she continued, “I grew up in a ghetto in north New Jersey. I worked hard and so much opportunity came my way. Does a girl here from a poor village have a chance of moving up in the world?”

madinghana replied, “Even a girl with a good education from a good family has little chance and few opportunities unless they leave the country.”

“Why is that?”

And Charity replied, “Because there are few jobs and interest rates are very high.”

The next morning, the young ladies headed out with FOUR VILLAGES INN’S expert guide, COMFORT a.k.a Adjoa Ghana. MADINGHANA was remiss in not wishing Comfort a happy birthday on March 6th, Ghana’s Independence Day. You can work out just how young Comfort is!

Charity, madinghana, Tiffany, Comfort, and Alcillena

Here’s what the two young women wrote in our guest book when leaving:

“We had a wonderful stay here. It was a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere. Chris and Charity provided so much information to help us moving forward on our journey. Thank you. Tiffany”

“It has been a pleasure staying here and meeting you.” All the best! May GOD bless you with peace and prosperity. Allcillena”

And, to the women of the world, we say, PEACE AND PROSPERITY!