Posted on March 18, 2011


So…if I can’t get my daily fix from the New York Times, there’s always THE BOSTON GLOBE-same ownership I understand.

Anyways, I started subscribing to the Globe on-line after we hosted Boston Globe travel writer, Christine Temin, way back in 2001. She did a wonderful personable story on Ghana that generated a lot of business for FOUR VILLAGES INN at the time.

Here’s the article that was picked up by THE GHANA WEB.

The only other major newspaper article that we are aware of that generated a whole lot of interest in Ghana appeared in the August 9th, 2009, New York Times entitled The Two Faces of Ghana by Laban Carrick Hill. I’ve linked it here so ya don’t use one of your 20 clicks per month to the Times.

COMMENT: Now I know there must be other feature articles about GHANA, especially in travel publications like this one in the ITN publication (International Travel News) . Again it was written by another past FOUR VILLAGES INN guest Marlene Smith. But if you’ve come across others, let madinghana know.

Why, oh why aren’t there more? I think the Ghana Tourist Board must seriously discuss how they can entice international travel writers to come to Ghana, a land so rich in culture and experience, to promote us!