Posted on March 19, 2011


Lisa Rossetti: a story guru

Tomorrow is WORLD STORYTELLING DAY! I’ve been taking an interest in the use of storytelling in marketing and business and have subscribed to a number of blogs devoted to storytelling. At A STORIED CAREER, I read an interview with Lisa Rossetti, a story guru. Here’s what I read:

Lisa is returning this year to Ghana, where she spent her childhood, to collect stories of Courage, Perseverance and Hope from Ghanaian women. These stories will form the foundation of an inspiring programme of resources for women entrepreneurs and social enterprises. Any assistance in achieving this goal would be most welcome!

Four Villages plans to support this effort.

Here’s more from Lisa:

My big project is “Untold Tales.” A couple of years ago, I set a goal to return to Ghana (where I spent my childhood) to collect stories from women in rural occupations or micro-businesses. 2010-20 has been named as the Decade of the African Woman, so the time is right. Ghana is full of what I call “leaderful” women, who show initiative, resilience, innovative thinking, a capacity for collaborative working, and many other leadership qualities. These women empower their communities and bring about positive change at a grassroots level. Yet the voices of these women are not heard in the media, their marginalization remains entrenched, and their stories are untold. But the success of this project relies on obtaining funding and sponsorship. Any suggestions or even sponsors would be most welcome.

Now, time to write my letter to Lisa Rossetti.