Posted on March 28, 2011


A few posts ago, madinghana celebrated the return of Angela Frazier who had been here in 2006! FIVE YEARS!

Well, the last few days have seen the return of Anthony Wright who was here in December, 2002! THAT’S ALMOST NINE YEARS AGO!

After getting his reservation through the Four Villages Inn direct booking form and receiving a prompt reply-always appreciated by our clientele-Tony wrote back:

Hi Chris and Charity,

Thanks for the swift response!!!

I had the pleasure of staying with you back in 2002 around Christmas time with my mum Sheila and sister Julie. I was a volunteer in Asankrangua in WR and I am coming back for a celebration of the school’s 50th Anniversary.

I thought I could not possibly miss out on the opportunity to spend some time in Kumasi and where better to stay than Four Villages!!

I am really looking forward to seeing you again!


Tony Wright

And I replied:

Hi Tony,

I thought I recognized the name-what threw me was the Swiss address. I remember you so much because you and your mum and sister were featured on our Village News site! Go to scroll down on the home page and click on THE VILLAGE NEWS icon and go to edition 3 and scroll to the end and voila!

How nice all this is!

See you in March for fufu!

Here’s the item in the Village News from all those years ago:

The Wright family, December, 2002

And all these years later, here’s Tony digging in to his gourmet fufu and groundnut soup mmmmmmmm…

Tony Wright-away nine years and back digging in!

How wonderful working at FOUR VILLAGES INN IS!

Here’s what Tony wrote on our Friends of Four Villages Inn’s wall, a first I might add:
Anthony Wright posted on Friends of four Villages Inn’s Wall.

Anthony wrote:
“I am staying at the Four Villages Inn at the moment and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it! Chris is being the perfect host as ever and I was sad to have missed Charity! The accommodation is as clean and cosy as ever and the staff team are doing everything and more besides to make me feel welcome! after over eight years….. it is soooooo good to be back!!!”

During his stay, Tony arranged Comfort for her famous market and shopping tour:

Another great tour! Managed to buy everything I wanted and more besides. Thanks Comfort!

And Tony has the honour to be the first to also charter our new taxi service owned and operated by Erasmus. Here’s what he wrote in Erasmus’ new review book:

Erasmus’s tour of the area around Kumasi was very professional. He pointed out some great landmarks on the way. His superb local knowledge was very impressive and once we overcame the small starter motor problem, the taxi car thrived on the challenging roads. Thank you Erasmus.

Here’s the picture that graces the front of Erasmus’s new review book:

Erasmus with Tony Wright-24-03-2011

And lastly here’s what Tony wrote in the FOUR VILLAGES INN GUEST BOOK:

“Another wonderful stay in Ghana’s top B & B! The staff’s
warmth and caring approach and the attention to detail sets the Four Villages apart. See you all again soon and less than 8 years hence!”