Posted on April 12, 2011


FOUR VILLAGES INN has a new flier. Modest, but we hope effective. It’s simple, half a sheet of A4 paper and prospective clients will know all they have to know to decide if they want to experience FOUR VILLAGES INN.


To my fellow hoteliers: Here’s an idea for easy, cost efficient promotional material. Why have printed glossy, colour brochures that people pick up for the beautiful pictures with no intention of going to a hotel in the first place?

Just in the last week, the brochure you see above has gone to lots of other hotels both north and south of Kumasi. Who takes them? Our guests! I ask them where they are headed to and where they are staying. Inevitably, I know the hotels and I email ahead to tell them that such and such guests will be arriving and will give the receptionist our flier.

Why this sudden burst of effort? Four Villages Inn had the worst March in the ten plus years we have been open! April though has been great so far as it always has been.