far away from the inn: MOTOR CONVOYS IN GHANA

Posted on May 1, 2011


When? Oh when, will there be a public outcry against this practice of big wigs being conveyed from point A to point B by high-speed motor cavalcades putting life and limb of elected officials, appointed officials and all the rest of us mere mortals at risk?

Take this accident that happened last night as an example…probably in the middle of no-where, at night and, following a big funeral……

Here in traffic intense Kumasi, we are forever pulling over while sirens blare, police outriders weave from side to side, and any number of fully loaded SUVs scream past. Why, oh why, is there not the political will for the politicians themselves to say,”Hey let’s stop this! We are here to serve the people and we can’t do that from the tomb or from a hospital bed.”

But don’t think high-speed convoys are just a V.I.P. phenomenon…..Saturdays particularly, at least here in Ashanti, will witness any number of hooting taxis packed full of young, intoxicated male mourners careening through the streets on their way to bury a friend.

Just what the death toll of this crazed burial practice is nobody will probably ever know. But surely there must be stats on deaths in accidents like the one reported above.

It’s time for the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) to start studying the issue and to make recommendations. If the V.I.P.s don’t act to protect their own lives and those of the people they serve, then the responsible public authority must.

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