again (sorry o), far from the inn, MOTOR CONVOYS IN GHANA

Posted on May 5, 2011


(apologies, for some reason the text of my first attempt did not appear)

In my last post on this subject I made two suggestions to reduce the death toll from accidents caused by dangerous high-speed motorcades. First I recommended that the politicians themselves should pass a law banning this ego-driven practice and second that the National Road Safety Commission should study the situation and make recommendations…

Well, let’s go with the first! And who better to exert their political will than two victims of crashes…not dead of course….NO, I’M TALKING ABOUT SURVIVORS! And there are TWO that are sitting right there in parliament right now!

Here is the article. Read it to determine the big discrepancy between the headline and the actual reality….

You got it. There were actually TWO separate accidents in TWO different regions. Now as far as the details go, it seems possible that neither of the two minister’s vehicles were in a motor convoy, but both involved ministerial drivers who are used to driving in convoys….which means driving with a sense of impunity….an “I AM ABOVE THE LAW” attitude.

I have an M.P. friend who will NOT hire a driver despite the fact that he has to drive hundreds of kilometers from Accra to his riding. “I do not trust them,” he said recently. In the same breath he complained about how draining it was on him physically in order to responsibly represent his constituency.


Motherland Ghana not only loses her finest sons and daughters, politicians and citizens alike, but it also causes undue anxiety and physical hardship to our decision makers. Furthermore, there is little hope of Ghana’s roads getting better when her road safety laws are undermined by the very people responsible for law creation. The irony is killing!

So, deputy Minister of Education Mahama Ayariga and Majority Leader in Parliament Cletus Avoka use all that power and influence at your fingertips to introduce a private members bill outlawing high-speed convoys. Your life and ours, and our struggling democracy, depends on it!

Note: This post is a lead in to another post on a specific motor vehicle accident fatality, near the inn in more ways than one, that coincidentally shared the same front page of the DAILY GUIDE on March 28, 2011…..the post is entitled “close to the inn: ANOTHER FATAL MOTOR ACCIDENT.