Posted on May 9, 2011


I’ve held off on this post for over a month out of respect for the family of the victim. The one week, burial and funeral celebrations attended by thousands of shocked mourners all asking, “Why?”, have been held….

Rest in eternal peace fellow Rotarian

and out of fear….I too ask, “Why, why hasn’t the N.R.S.C. (National Road Safety Commission) mounted an investigation. As you will read, a spokesperson for the N.R.S.C. was all too quick to make a statement on the accident. In short, if the N.R.S.C. doesn’t act for such a prominent citizen killed under such circumstances, when will they investigate a specific accident to determine if indeed there was negligence or incompetence on the part of our authorities?

This post is about another fatal car accident that received national attention. Here is the newspaper report in the Daily Guide:


I knew the deceased. Kwadwo Afoakwa Sarpong was a fellow member of the Kumasi East Rotary Club. He was a friend to us all, a most generous spirit whose death was preventable and warrants an investigation by the NRSC.

What the article fails to detail is the exact location of the accident. “Behind the Golden Tulip” is not specific. In actual fact, the stretch of road where the tree fell across the road was between the Ridge Police Station where Alhaji Banda Road, formally known as Raintree Avenue, meets Harper Road and the administration building Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and a Ghana National Fire Service fire station. It is a major artery into the city centre.

Furthermore, the article fails to mention that the tree fell across the road between seven and seven-thirty o’clock on Friday evening. Kwadwo rammed into the tree at around 2 a.m on Saturday morning ….One fellow Rotarian remarked that he was in the vicinity of the tree blocking the road that Friday evening and just followed the traffic taking another route around to proceed on his way home.

Furthermore, another fellow Rotarian has remarked that he had heard that there were two earlier mishaps involving the same tree and motor vehicles …one involved a customs agent and the other one was rumored to be near fatal, but not getting any media coverage at all.

All this begs an investigation so that such tragedies do not occur again. The whole scenario begs the question, “Why weren’t the security forces charged with the protection of the public more proactive? Why wasn’t the road blocked off on both sides of the fallen tree with barriers, reflective tape, personnel or vehicles until the tree could be cleared away the next morning?”

This tragedy did not happen on an isolated rural road….

in the shadow of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly

This is all so sad…During the funeral, our Assistant Governor and fellow Rotarian member of Kumasi East Rotary Club, read a tribute to our late comrade.

Rotarians around the casket listening to our tribute.

In it he recounted the last time many of us saw Kwadwo alive. It was at our regular weekly meeting on Wednesday March the 23rd at the Golden Tulip-Kumasi City. Ironically, one of our members a lawyer was giving us a talk on the subject “Preparation of your last will and testament” . At the end of the talk, the floor was open to questions. Kwadwo asked, “How much would it cost to have a will made?” For many of us, it would be the last time we would hear his voice…The irony of it all is killing…

Kwadwo was thirty-six years old, in the prime of his life, a successful business man, married with five children; and his wife is expecting another! WHAT A LOSS!