Posted on June 16, 2011


Note: This post does not promote Kumasi as a tourist destination. For that, see the many posts under the category KUMASI TRAVEL TIPS.

I’m back blogging…at least I think so…..I hope so…

Lengthy absences from blogs are common occurrences…lots of blogs I subscribe to go mute….and madinghana is no exception. It’s tough keeping it going….not because there’s nothing to say…on the contrary there’s toooooo much!

However, there are life circumstances. Some are systemic like server problems, server provider problems and electricity problems. And then there are the personal issues…like being busy, being fearful or maybe just giving up hope that the blog is living up to its name:


Anyways, I’m prompted to start my engines by a local story that happened down the road….a number of well-established businesses at the Ahodwo Roundabout were demolished. Incidentally, and most significant, these businesses have been right on the road at this busy roundabout for years!

I remember the uproar in certain circles here in Kumasi when the business closest to the roundabout, a roadside restaurant/spot, was established. Despite protest, for some reason, the structure was completed and grew and operated for years. Now as you can see, the only thing remaining is the Guinness sign-look carefully and note the name…just who is AFRANI???


Now here’s the newspaper report that appeared in the Saturday June 11th Daily Graphic on the aftermath of the demolition! Things sure have heated up.

And then on a great blog about local affairs in Ghana, a report on a political rally was posted earlier this week. I’ll highlight one quote made by one aspiring politician. Perhaps the comment was made in light of the Kumasi demolition exercise reported in the national newspaper:

“Even they (……………) want to evict us from the places that we all get our daily bread.”

Who is ‘they’? Who is ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’?

You can read the whole article below.


So, what is the message here? Is it that unauthorized buildings are built or razed according to who is in power and who is not?

Comments welcome.

Do you have any concrete examples of unauthorized buildings that impact your neighbourhood?

Let’s collect them and write a sequel to Michela Wrong’s “It’s Our Turn to Eat”. We could call it “It’s Our Turn to Build”. I’ve got chapter one all written….