Posted on October 7, 2011


On May 12th, 2011, the Osu Children’s Library opened!

On October 6, 2011, a headline on Page 14 of the Ghanaian Times of October reads:

“500,000 dollar library abandoned”

Why has the Osu Cildren’s Library not opened??? Answer: There are no speed bumps to cross the busy road to get to the library! Can ya believe it?

Now here are four reasons why I write this post:

1. the words “speed bumps” hits a raw nerve. If you follow this blog, you’ll know why.
Suggestion: The powers that be at the Accra Collage of Education where the library is located and the Osu Children’s Library Fund should contact the powers that be at the Enas Hybrid School on Melcom Road between Ahodwo and Daban, Kumasi, for tips on how to get speed bumps constructed. They got speed bumps built pronto where speed bumps were not scheduled to be built and after the Kumasi metro urban roads had said, “Not every school has speed bumps.”

2. The project was funded by the Osu Children’s Library Fund founded by Kathy Knowles from Canada. In an email interview with the Times,  Ms. Knowles  said that she was “heart-broken” that the library was not up and running. She also said that she was delaying her trip to Ghana until the library was operational and that other children’s library projects would be put on hold until this particular library was open.

3. I feel strongly about children’s libraries here in Ghana. I was ‘library tutor’ for eight years at two Ghana Education Service institutions during the 1970s.

4. Lately, Politicians and senior civil servants in Accra have been making such eloquent speeches on how important reading is to the development of Ghana.

Let us all say a prayer that  the speed bumps are constructed and the library is opened…..