Posted on January 10, 2012


A more poetic title would be “As I sat down by Lake Bosomtwe”.

Last year my resolution was to get the electricity cut from the apeteshie bar, an unauthorized structure behind FOUR VILLAGES INN. It wasn’t easy as the nine part blog entry testifies.

This year’s resolution idea came as I sat down by Lake Bosomtwe on a recent R & R break watching the planes fly over the lake on their way to Kumasi Airport…ALL DURING DAY LIGHT HOURS!
Thoughts began racing through my mind…..”What ever happened to night flights? Oh yes, they were scrapped when safety regulations regarding runway lights started to be enforced. Why after all these years haven’t any been installed? It can’t be that expensive…of course it’s all part of latent strategy by decision makers who live, work, and have invested in Accra, Ghana’s ever-growing capital city, to isolate all wealth there.

Ya see pre-2005 flights there was a night flight to Kumasi by City Link airlines, the one and only carrier flying here. It left Accra at 8:45 p.m. which gave enough time for passengers to transfer from the international flights thus avoiding the high hotel rates charged in Accra. Today in 2012, there are more and more international flights arriving in Accra and now there four airlines flying to Kumasi. Night flights would represent a lot of business for this depressed city.

Anyways, MADinGHANA’s one and only resolution is to lobby for runway lights for Kumasi Airport that serves this city of 1,500,000 people and a region of 3,000,000 people.

Your suggestions on strategies, ideas, etc. would be most appreciated because over the years the gray cells have somewhat depleted and the spirit weakened by the brick walls thrown up continually by the pervading atmosphere of fear, lethargy, and apathy that characterizes civil society.

I do know that this little mouse-the smallest guest house in Kumasi- has to get some powerful lions interested. Hopefully, the general manager of the Golden Tulip Kumasi City comes on board. Ya see with night flights to Kumasi, the Golden Tulip Kumasi City, Kumasi’s only four-star hotel, with 160 rooms making it the largest, would sure to benefit.

I did get some encouragement through an e-mail I received from the former Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana Darren Schemmer following a linked in discussion I started:

Chris Scott So…who does the business community petition to get runway lights for KUMASI AIRPORT? Accra is getting their upgrade, but Kumasi, Ghana’s second city or should I write Ghana’s second rate city, hasn’t any lights whatsoever! How it would benefit local business, especially…more

Ghana Airport Company to evaluate electrical system at KIA
Mrs Doreen Owusu Fianko, Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company Limited GACL, on Monday said the Company would soon undertake…

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Darren Schemmer

Kumasi also needs scheduled international flights – at least to Lagos and Abidjan. I’m glad Ghana is prospering, but too much of the economy is funneled through Accra. A better airport in Kumasi would be one step to supporting more economic activity directly inland. 17 days ago