Posted on March 3, 2012


Been gone for a long time…in mind and body….on the other side of the Atlantic in Montreal, Canada with family.

Hope this post marks a return to the blog and soon home to Ghana where I know madinghana won’t be neglected.

But this WORLD event has provoked me to break my silence.

Right at this moment THE 2012 NEW YORK TIMES TRAVEL SHOW is on! It is BIG with over 100 countries and 600 exhibitors there. BUT IS GHANA THERE?

Early in January we heard through the G.T.A. blog that Ghana was being represented at two travel fair events in Holland and Spain, both in the struggling Eurozone…Spain no less…

But look at this and let’s ask ourselves…in the Ghana Tourism Authority planning on which travel fairs to attend was consideration given to which travel market(s) will reap the biggest rewards. Just think of the number of U.S. airlines now flying to Ghana…and hey, Ghana was the only African country President Obama visited

…we can capitalize on that! And once upon a time…too long ago…the New York Times Travel section generated a lot of interest in Ghana through a wonderful article on Ghana:

After both the Obama visit and the Two Faces article, little Four Villages Inn, Kumasi, the #1 B & B on the Trip Advisor site for Kumasi had a big spike in occupancy rates! Americans travel OH…..

But now let’s fast forward to 2012 and ask…Is Ghana at the New York Times 2012 Travel Show?

As always your comments are welcome.