Posted on March 14, 2012


Last week, I looked after my grandson Justin during his spring break. We went downtown to a giant bookstore-where else would yours truly want to hit-and lo and behold activities were going on for kids. So while Justin was helping to build a volcano,(I have a great pic, but can’t get it from the iPad to the computer) grandpa Chris was browsing in the children’s book section.

Ya see, in a former lifetime, I was an elementary (primary) school teacher and language arts consultant here in Canada and had a passionate interest in children’s literature. I believed that, along with the family, a child’s first introduction to morality came through children’s books. That is, what characters in stories said and did greatly influenced the values, morals and behaviour of children.

So when I picked up the book I Want My Hat Back and read it, I was totally shaken…

Here’s the story on YouTube. Take the 7 minutes and 44 seconds and if ya have time read the comments after the presentation. Some are hilarious.

But you be the judge on the story. Does it upset you…What’s the moral of the story for you?

Well, I had to read it again, still didn’t get it, and asked Tim, the volcano construction leader, if he had read it. He acknowledged that he had. I told him I didn’t get it and he looks at me and says, “The bear ate the rabbit.”

“What does that teach kids,” I said….and more softly “You f_ _ k me and I’ll f_ _k you back.” No comment from Tim….

I guess we live in a different world and even here in Canada kids are learning the hard facts of life that if you want to win and get and keep what’s yours, you get the other guy! No more turning the other cheek and walking away.

This kinda reminds me of a discussion Charity and I had with a Canadian Security Intelligence Service agent, accompanied by a Ghanaian B.N.I. (Bureau of National Investigation agent), on assignment in Ghana collecting background information on a Ghanaian living in Canada. I don’t know how it came up, but he looked at us and asked, “Who do you think are the most naive people in the world?”

We knew it wasn’t Ghanaians…of course it was Canadians! And why? I believe it was partly due to all those stories of trust and trust fulfilled and celebrated.

Not any more! The world is different. Madinghana has a lot of catching up to do….

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