Posted on March 15, 2012


This story appeared on the OMG Ghana! facebook page. OMG stands for Oh My God in case ya didn’t know…

That expresses my sentiment exactly. Absolutely not because of the content of the article, but because OMG !Ghana used a picture from a madinghana blog post. This picture was actually taken in March, 2010, by Ms. Dola Young of Houston, Texas, a repeat visitor to Ghana and repeat guest at FOUR VILLAGES INN, KUMASI, with madinghana’s digital camera.

Here’s the original madinghana post when the picture was originally published; and oh yes, if you want to use the picture to highlight and promote Akwasidae, the spectacular Ashanti festival held here in Kumasi every 42 days to pay homage to the Asantehene, be our guests.

And remember as well, you are always welcome to be our guests at FOUR VILLAGES INN, the #1 B & B/G of 20 listed in Kumasi on the Trip Advisor site…by far the # 1 B & B/ inn with a 96% approval rating!

Here’s the original picture right off my camera first medium (300 x 200), then large (1024 x 682)