Posted on April 19, 2012


As announced on the fourvillagesinn.wordpress blog (please subscribe) , Kumasi has a brand new tourist attraction and like it’s namesake, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is expected to defy gravity for many years to come!

Here it is:

It’s right on Melcom Road leading to Four Villages Inn. Now here’s a fascinating detail….that little green roofed fancy glass-windowed structure to the left of the picture used to display high-end coffins. Now that might seem strange being in such close proximity to Melcom Department Store, owned by Indians. No the Indians aren’t in the trade…at least not yet…I hope though, who ever does own the little display house, will resupply the coffins. They may be needed….on the spot…

Incidentally, the signboard is for HOMESTYLE FURNITURE STORE again owned by Indians, I believe.

Four Villages Inn offers free excursions to the site. A free side trip too can be taken to the Nhysiaeso Sub Metro office to ask the officer in charge of signboards-yes there is such a position-why they haven’t taken action against the owners of the signboard since it poses such a risk to public safety?

And, you can talk to the lady who minds the fruit and vegetable stand if she minds a huge signboard threatening her life and livelihood….just stand far back and yell….