Posted on April 25, 2012


HAPPY NOISE AWARENESS DAY….AGAIN! This time it’s International Noise Awareness Day.

Yes, it is fitting that Ghana celebrates it twice..on the 16th of April as the Environmental Protection Agency’s big glossy calendar indicates and then today as Ghana joins the world celebrating. Yes, Ghana has to work twice as hard, so we might as well celebrate twice!

Whatever, in follow-up to my post on the 16th detailing my repeated complaint about a bar behind FOUR VILLAGES INN…I’d like to inform you there is nothing new to report. Nobody has phoned from the E.P.A.; nobody has visited from the E.P.A. But that’s the style here…ya never know what any department is doing….if anything….

Anyways, I’m just wondering if the E.P.A. Director there actually ever saw the letter. I know he didn’t answer my initial questions that you probably thought was childish on my part…”Do you live in a first class residential area?. Do you have an apeteshie bar behind your house?”

So today, I’m revisiting their E.P.A. office just down the road. Maybe he will be there….or perhaps he’s out celebrating the day. I’ll find out what’s happening.

Incidentally, as I write this post before 7 a.m. I can hear the boys from the apeteshie bar in the background. Who knows maybe the E.P.A. has taken action and they are yelling and screaming about the obroni on the other side of the wall….na, they are reliving Chelsea’s victory over Barcelona last night!