Posted on May 3, 2012


I never published this in July, 2011 despite all the work I put into the post…thought it might be shooting myself in the proverbial foot…how can I expect Vodafone to fix the problem when I am slamming them publicly…

But what the hell, IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN…Four Villages Inn has lost its internet a second time for an extended period despite big time efforts on madinghana’s part.

Here’s the draft….then I hope you go to the next post that describes the 2012 fiasco….


Well, you may have read on the http://www.fourvillagesinn.wordpress.com blog about the challenges doing business here in Ghana. Well, I jumped the gun announcing that our fixed line has  been restored after losing it when FOUR VILLAGES INN got hooked up to VODAFONE internet.

I have been very patient, but it is almost a month and a half since we lost our fixed/land-line and there has been no real effort in rectifying the situation despite constant complaints.

Here’s what I wrote mid June in the early days of this ordeal….skip to the end of this post to see my latest move….gawd I hate bypassing professionals and going to the top, but sometimes that’s the only way to get things done and, hopefully, to ensure it doesn’t happen again

By far the top post on MADinGhana and there have been over 330 posts, this is # 332 to be precise and almost 25,000 hits, celebrates the Vodafone Internet Cafe at the Kumasi Central Post-office


Well, the post needs to be ammended. Now there are two best internet facilities here in Kumasi! You got it, FOUR VILLAGES INN has changed service providers and has gone with VODAFONE. That is the plus in the title of this post! It is really fast! WOW! AND IT FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF FOUR VILLAGES INN GUESTS…FREE!

Now you might be asking, “What is the minus in the title of the post?” WE LOST OUR PHONE SERVICE!

Such is life doing business in Ghana. One step forward then more than one backwards. I guess ittakes time for old technologies, taken for granted in the developed world, to be implemented  here successfully.  EVEN WITH A INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIKE VODAFONE.

Don’t get me wrong…VODAFONE is trying on the African continent. Recently VODAFONE GHANA won an award here in Africa for “Best Procurement Community”. Here’s the significant quote in the article from the great linkin group AFRICA BUSINESS COMMUNITIES: “Vodafone Ghana has taken health, safety and ethical procurement practices to another level of our operations in Ghana. Vodafone Ghana is immensely proud that the implementation and insistence of standards in Ghana, has resulted in some of our local partners championing this to even greater heights, resulting in this enviable award.”

And that they have. When the technicians came to do the installation, one refused to use our wooden ladder and ordered another service vehicle to bring one of their metal ladders, And then, when the two technicians were leaving, not to break with tradition and culture, I offered them a dash for their efficient work, which they politely refused saying, “THIS IS THE NEW VODAFONE!” The complete article on the prize giving follows. I only wish I was a local partner who could whole-heartedly champion standards to even greater heights….

And they’ve got the right idea on broadband internet expansion in Africa. Here’s a quote from the VODAFONE May 2011 neswletter: “Over investment in fibre optic networks expensive and unnecessary
2011 Social Impact of Mobiles (SIM) report states affordable internet access will be provided by mobile technology and requires innovative content and pricing”

Here’s the entire item:

Never a truer word written, because if the continent went with internet connection on landlines, business would come to a standstill given the subsequent, consequent loss of telephone connection.

Appendum: In late June,  I went to see the Regional Manager-Sales-North at Vodafone  in Adom, Kumasi. There was an expatriot working in the office, but in respect to the manager I had been dealing with, I just talked to the manager.

Turns out the ex patriot is the Commercial Director for the whole country. I’ve sent him e-mails introducing myself and the problem at FOUR VILLAGES INN.

more later-hopefully ugh…