Posted on May 3, 2012


In follow-up to the previous post (Draft from the Past), I emailed the Commercial Director at VODAFONE, one Marc Norris, but alas like all recipients of complaints he never replied….Turns out Marc never saw the email and thus could not reply.(observation made on 04-05-2012)

Anyways I’ll post this one on the madinghana blog and NOT on the fourvillagesinn.wordpress good news blog (hope you subscribe) because this is not good news here! On April 20 we lost our internet connection and apparently our landline too (although we didn’t notice it).

This post is also a follow-up to the POSITIVE ACTIVISM post. I’d like to give you an ongoing concrete example of just how little happens when you try to protest…..maybe it is better to just suffer in silence…no, I am the persistent type you have to be to be successful here. But you pay a high price, that’s fo sure.

So, it’s day thirteen now since FOUR VILLAGES INN that boasts of offering free wireless internet to its guests lost its VODAFONE telephone and internet services. I’ve done everything and I’ve tried to do it with grace. But alas..people like madinghana are branded troublemakers.

But I’ll continue for here at FOUR VILLAGES INN, we put the best interests of our guests first and to hell with our local reputation. We have to work hard to preserve our international reputation and our integrity too.

Oh, incidentally, we pick up another not so reliable or fast internet network here at Four Villages Inn, so guests don’t go completely without….