Posted on May 4, 2012


So, where do you think this chocolate bar was made?



On April 28th an interesting observation was posted on the IMANI CENTRE FOR POLICY AND EDUCATION facebook page:

Yes, become number 1 and keep selling all the raw beans in futures market? This government made a commitment to process 60% of Ghana’s cocoa in Ghana in its 2008 manifesto, but that has not materialised. Let us hope the Presidential Debates will focus on some of these bolder leadership decisions that were promised and still being promised (NPP’s free beyond fee-free secondary education) instead of how many school uniforms and school children have been fed and how many trees were replaced by buildings( essentially low hanging fruits every Government, including an unlikely Kofi Wayo administration will do).

Here is the article that accompanies the comment.

Yes, let’s add value to Ghana’s resources. Raw resources, like cocoa beans and logs, leaving the country do not benefit the Ghanaian people. Adding value to resources through private sector development is the key to development, creating jobs and wealth for the people.