Posted on May 10, 2012


More than a month ago, I posted an item celebrating the completion of the southern bypass road leading to our part of town.

A couple of things to report:

1. Instead of pursuing the matter at the mayor’s office, I emailed the post to the K.M.A. City Roads Engineer with the following covering note:

“Good Day,

I hope you can bring this situation to the attention of those responsible for signage.

Thank you.”

2. There’s been a few developments with the signboard…..
(a) on April 16th the signboard was on the ground. Either it fell from its stand or it was taken off in advance to a new one replacing it.
sign board down April 16, 2012
(b) Yesterday, I went back to the intersection and low and behold. THE SIGN WAS GONE! I asked the guys selling the beds and they said people had come to take it away for scrap.

So, three months after its opening, the southern bypass road-a state of the art, brand new major dual carriageway leading to some of the best hotels in this city- remains without proper signage…


Again I will copy this post to the Kumasi Metro Roads Engineer as well as the Regional Manager of the Ghana Tourism Authority. And I might even send it to some hotel managers in the vicinity.

Note: Tomorrow we have guests driving north to the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary in the Upper West Region. You can be sure that I will direct them to take the southern by-pass that leads to Tamale Road north.