GHANA: Bob Marley Tribute on Multi TV & a Plea for Peaceful Elections

Posted on May 12, 2012


Bob Marley was smiling down on Ghana last night as he surveyed from on high the tribute shows from around the world marking 31 years since his death. Yes, I’m sure King Lagazee, host of Multi TV’s show, got Bob’s nod of approval when, much to everyone’s surprise, King Lagazee launched into a tirade condemning Ghanaian politicians, their supporters and the media. He did not mince his words nor camouflage his fear that the upcoming elections might set Ghana back after all the progress made. “They don’t care about you. They have their diplomatic passports and they will be out of here at the least sign of trouble.”

But how did this all start? The show opened with King’s monologue talking about Marley’s music and impact throwing in the odd titbit from his life like mention of the assignation attempt when Bob was trying make peace between two Jamaican politicians….

And this is what set King off saying it was much like Ghana is today…and on and on he went about the danger the country may be in come election time.

This was followed by the music video of “Stand up, stand up for your rights”.

Now what gave rise to this impassioned outburst? Before the airing of the show, King Lagazee had travelled to Konkonuru, the site of Rita Marley’s home and social centre north of Accra. There King interviewed an old Rasta guy named Fire. I missed a lot of what he said in the lengthy session; but I did catch the end, when King asked him if he had anything to leave his Ghanaian audience with.

Fire replied, “It wasn’t Marley’s music that was important. It was his message and if you take just one song and live by its message you will live a life of integrity.”

Jah man, did King ever take that message to heart and back to the studio! BRAVO!

“Stand up, stand up for your rights!”