Posted on May 14, 2012


This post appeared on the Modern Ghana news site. In short, it describes the success of an Ivorian street artist who has shockingly captured on canvas startling scenes of the election violence that not too long ago took place on the streets of Abidjan, the neighbouring capital to the west.

What a wake up call Aboudia’s huge, graphic paintings would be for the people of Accra and Kumasi as to who would be the real victims of a battle for power!

This led me to thinking. I would like to suggest that the two most visible organizations sponsoring numerous cultural events in Accra and Kumasi, the Alliance Francaise and the British Council, co-sponsor Aboudia to mount a show here in Ghana. Yes, it is political, but ART IS POLITICAL!

The timing would be perfect, not only in terms of the pending elections here in Ghana but also coinciding with Aboudia’s ascendency on the world stage of artists making a difference. Art is to inspire! I am sure that the work of this street artist would speak to the people here in Ghana and help inspire them to peace!

Any comments? And ideas on driving this idea forward. Please circulate this to your friends. I’m sending this post to the A.F. representative here in Kumasi (on the right) who I was just pictured with at another great AF cultural show Acoustic Africa.
madinghana with Julien Nicholas Dal Bosco (right)

Afterthought: I’d like to think that all countries that have presence here in this country have a moral responsibility to be involved in the life of the people, more than just in extracting the country’s wealth, talent, and brains.