Posted on May 21, 2012


This post just appeared on the Tourism in Ghana blog that comes out of the Ghana Tourism Authority. Take a minute to read it. It’s all about discussions taking place RIGHT NOW at the G20 meetings in Chicago advocating easier VISA application processes to promote tourism. Wow, the numbers indicating increased revenues and job creation are staggering!

Here’s how madinghana responded on Facebook where the item was also posted:

Christopher Scott And here in Ghana too! But it only gets harder to get a tourist VISA to Ghana. More hoops and more costly.

Makes sense aye?-easier, less expensive tourist VISA application process=more tourists=more revenues=more jobs!

P.S. aye is a Canadianism for ‘doesn’t it?’

If you are a subscriber to madinghana you know the subject of scrapping short term tourist VISAs to Ghana is an issue I’ve been blogging about for years…alas to no avail.

It is also a topic that sometimes arises at the Four Villages Inn breakfast table when guests tell us their difficult, sometimes frightful experiences dealing with Ghanaian consular officials overseas. Often too, the mounting expense of procuring a tourist VISA is mentioned.

Hope officers at the Ghana Tourism Authority run with this…In fact just today, this also appeared on the Tourism in Ghana facebook page. The quote is from the Ghana Tourism Authority’s mission statement:

Ghana Tourism Authority
To ensure sustainable tourism development through the creation of an enabling environment for the provision of quality tourism facilities and services for the traveling public with a well-qualified, highly motivated and dedicated work force and thereby promoting tourism to become the leading sector…
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and needless to say, relentless madinghana blogger commented:

Christopher Scott ‎”an enabling environment”-crucial is facilitating tourist VISA application process.