Posted on May 21, 2012


Oh life here is fascinating. There’s always something to write about.

Like at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning this guy comes to collect the K.M.A. property rate….which I had paid on January 6, 2012 before heading off to Canada for a Two and a half month R & R to escape jokers like this! I’m expecting this as I was expecting him. Ya see, he’s been a couple of times before this to meet my wife who duly tells him that I handle the finances.

K.M.A. rate collector

So, as I’m going into the guest house to get the payment receipt to show him, he’s yelling, “and my transportation!” This is the pattern here home and business owners are asked to pay for transportation or chop money.

I give him a copy of the receipt which he studies carefully and exclaims, “You have paid it! You are a good citizen.”

I tell him I paid the bill at the K.M.A. and not at his RevNet collection agency office nearby at Ahodwo.

That’s the simple explanation why he’s come to collect again. The collection agency hasn’t been informed by the K.M.A. which properties have paid. He just doesn’t know, so I go gentle on him.

The KMA (the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly), at the Mayor’s office, needs to fine tune its revenue collection systems. It’s hard enough paying the numerous rates, licenses, levies, fees, tariffs, certificates, contributions, and taxes let alone being targeted twice and having to dig out receipts.

And as he’s leaving, he says goodbye and expectantly raises his fingers to his lips….

I shake my head and off he goes.