Posted on June 4, 2012


Recently, Charity and I visited Sisters of Charity Irene and Laurene at the Archbishop Mensah Learning Centre located at Christian Village, Santasi, Kumasi.

Four Villages, Charity, Sister Irene and Sister Lourene

This was my second visit to the facility. On January 6, 2012, I went with fellow Rotarian S.O. 1 (his Rotarian name for Sam Larbi). Also present were Rotarians from the United States that were enthusiastic about gaining support for the library from clubs in their district. Rotarian S.O. 1 said that he could bring old copies of Ghana’s oldest national newspaper, THE DAILY GRAPHIC.

During my most recent visit, Sister Irene said the Rotarian S.O. 1 had brought newspapers and how much the newspapers by the students from St Herbert’s and Opoku Ware Senior Secondary School. On May 31st I received the following letter of appreciation to forward to Mr. Larbi.

Sisters of Charity, BVM
P.O. Box 13010
Kumasi, Ghana
31st May 2012

Mr. Samuel Larbi
Kumasi Rotary Club
Kumasi, Ghana

Dear Mr. Larbi,

Greetings! Since I have Chris Scott’s email address, I am asking him to see that you
receive this note. You can see from these photos that students are now making very
good use of the newspapers which you are generously sharing with the Archbishop
Mensah Learning Centre. It is rewarding to see many of our older students reading
The Daily Graphic and taking a keen interest in what is happening not only in
Ghana but in other parts of the world.

Sister Laurene and I shall be traveling to the United States on the 14th of June and plan to
return to Kumasi in mid-September. Hopefully we will see you again upon our return.
We continue to be grateful for your kindness to us.


Sister Irene Lukefahr, BVM

Sister Irene included two pictures of students reading the newspapers, but, alas, I don’t know how to save, copy and paste them.

Having celebrated Rotarian S.O. 1’s anonymous gesture and follow-through during the ANYTHING FOR THE GOOD OF ROTARY part of our regular weekly meeting on Wednesday, May 30th, I decided to forward the letter to all the members of the Kumasi East Rotary Club.