KUMASI: Carwash Wars…

Posted on June 7, 2012



Just outside Four Villages Inn which is just up the road from a carwash this banner, advertising a competitor’s carwash located further down the road, went up attached to a speed bump sign and a telephone board. Of course, it went up on a Sunday when officials are off duty, on May 27th to be exact.

In reaction, I was going to see Emmanuel, the advertising officer at the K.M.A. Nhysiaeso SubMetro, on the Monday, but then I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “Oh what the hell, let me give the public official a week to take down the banner, neither paid for nor hanging according to regulation.”

Well, predictably, nothing happened..so on Monday 4th June, I went to Emmanuel’s office only to meet his absence. My, Gawd, he must be out inspecting. So I call him to inform him of the banner requesting that he take it down…

Again, predictably, nothing has happened all week except that the wind has furled the banner up making it impossible to read. My daily texts to Emmanuel have been ignored.

I posted a picture on Facebook and a friend has suggested I cut it down myself…

Another friend commented “Sabotage” which leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Small potatoes you say..but oh it’s everywhere making Kumasi, sign city of West Africa, not the Garden City of West Africa.

This is a governance issue…blatant….easy to act upon…but this is symptomatic of a city out of control ….

Please note: post created on my iPad and photo taken with the same iPad.

And oh yes, Charity’s reaction, “Too bad you aren’t the mayor of Kumasi!”

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